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ComittoNxN (Comic Viewer)

2.52 usd

Compiling for ARM v7 NEON and x86 version of ComittoN.It is faster than the free version.You can download the latest version of APK from the following URL without purchasing.
This is a viewer for self-scanning comic image.Opens a PNG, JPG, Image Folders, ZIP(CBZ) and RAR(CBR) files.Directly browse the zip file in the Windows shared folder (SAMBA).
Is a modified version of the image processing was reworked "Comitto!".Corresponds to a more larger image, is now faster page turning.ComittoN is only compatible with later Android2.2, Comitto! is Android1.6 or later is available.
The following main features:
Use of copyrighted material in screenshot follows the Terms of Use.URL - - Give My Regards to Black JackAuther - SHUHO SATOWeb site name - Manga on Web
File selection screen* Bookmark coloring* To delete all bookmarks conditions* To read / unread* Delete selected files (long tap)* Images displayed in the directory (long tap)* Create a directory on the home screen shortcut.* Download the file from the SMB server.
Image display screen* White margin removal.* Page selection by dragging* Scale mode* Change display order* Dual view of vertical image* Half view of horizontal image* To zoom in parts. (long tap)* Operated by the Breath Noise.(Experimental stage)Short Breath : Next PageShort Breath x 2 : Previous PageLong Breath : ScrollShort & Long Breath : Reverse Scroll